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Art In the Orchard

In 2014 we were proud to feature a major installation in the berry orchard.  An opening reception with the artist was held Saturday, September 20.

Recent Abstraction:
Matt Evald Johnson at Park Hill Orchard

These selected sculptures represent a body of work from recent years that addresses and sustains an ongoing preoccupation with the raw manualities and elevated contemplations that are possible during a personal engagement with steel as medium. Manipulation and assemblage combine during efforts of composition that become markers of will; energized challenges that cause a rippling or resonating that I can source as fuel and motivation as the abstraction coninues, ever reaching into the next such episode. It is a unique opportunity to experience them arranged, composed this time as a group of 'artifacts' that are parts of a whole. And yet these thirteen pieces together, installed in the lavishness of the Park Hill Orchard, are but another part of an even greater whole that is likely to remain always in-progress.

Art In the Orchard 2014 is a walking sculpture trail which winds through our fruit gardens.  The trail is a great destination for a family visit.  Walking in the good air, high-minded sculpture, pick-your-own apples.  Bring your friends from out-of-town and show them how we roll in the Happy Valley.  Many people make an afternoon of it, bringing a picnic basket, lounging among the trees.  Leashed pets are permitted on the trail.


There are many ways to work with Art In the Orchard. The most important thing is to attend and enjoy the remarkable and unique set and setting. Many people are involved at many levels including artists, planners, guides, parkers, coordinators, groundskeepers, fund raisers and spokespersons. Here is a link to the list of volunteer positions.

The very best part of this show is the act of doing fun and meaningful things with all kinds of people for a good reason. Please do consider picking up some shifts on free days! We have some fun and get 'er done here on the farm.