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Art In the Orchard 2022 - The Sixth Invitational

Short Video Trailer for Art In the Orchard 2022 (2:14)

   Gerald Clark: Stone overlay on the Labyrinth

   Fenwick: A fun and fantastical set of works in wood by the transcendental New England sculptor Mark Fenwick.

In between the Juried Biennial installations we put together a crowd pleasing invitational exhibition. We show some of the classic works from the past biennial and present a new themed show typically showcasing two artists. For 2022 we will feature Gerald Clark working with stone and Mark Fenwick with sculptures in wood. This fun and interesting show will contain over 30 works. We have nicknamed this year "The Hidden Gem" because these artists are among the most remarkable that we have run across in our twelve years and both deserve exposure and recognition. Something fun, something sad, a few head-scratchers and, who knows, some serious work that deserves a critical look by the art community.

Alumni Artists who currently have works on the grounds: Phil, Martie and Rachel Teumim, Maggie Nowinski, Harold Grinspoon, William Duffy, Eileen Jager, Megan E. Barry, Dave Rothstein et al., Peter Dellert, Katie Richardson, Matt Evald Johnson, Chris Woodman.


Art In the Orchard is a walking sculpture trail which winds through our productive fruit gardens.  The self-guided trail is about a half-mile long.  A walk through the labyrinth adds about a quarter mile. Estimated viewing time might be 2-4 hours. Open all daylight hours until Thanksgiving weekend. Please wear sturdy shoes.

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Park Hill Orchard is a working fruit farm and the sculpture exhibition begins and ends with our harvest season.  Visitors are strongly encouraged to partake in the flavorful tree-ripe fruit we produce by experiencing the PYO gardens or purchasing fruit and treats in the farm stand.

Regarding Price: To clear up any confusion. You are allowed to make a voluntary donation to AiO at the trailhead. The sign suggests $5 per person or $20 per group or family. But your donation is voluntary and walking the sculpture trail is free. People who can should give more.

  • Please wear shoes and clothing appropriate for walking around farm fields and trails.
  • Well behaved and leashed dogs may come to the sculpture trail but please no dogs in the PYO fruit areas.
  • There is no charge for parking. 

The trail is a great destination for a family visit.  Walking in the good air, high-minded sculpture, exceptional views, pick-your-own apples.  Bring your friends from out-of-town and show them how we roll in this Happy Valley.  Many people make an afternoon of it, bringing a picnic basket, lounging among the trees. 


There are many ways to work with Art In the Orchard. The most important thing is to attend and enjoy the remarkable and unique set and setting. Many people are involved at many levels including artists, planners, guides, parkers, coordinators, groundskeepers, fund raisers and spokespersons. Here is a link to the list of volunteer positions.

The very best part of this show is the act of doing fun and meaningful things with all kinds of people for a good reason. Please do consider picking up some volunteer shifts on free days! We have some fun and get 'er done here on the farm.